Hello, my name is Torii Darby.

I am a wife and mama of two magical red headed children. I am also a certified children's yoga instructor. I began my personal yoga and mindfulness practice in 2016 led by a desire for a healthy body. I quickly recognized the benefits of yoga and mindfulness beyond physical health. I continued my journey into children's yoga in early 2017 with Cezarina Trone.

Why Children's Yoga and Mindfulness?

I believe every child should have the opportunity to learn yoga and mindfulness practices.  I provide a safe environment where children can explore yoga and mindfulness in creative ways.

Maintaining a consistent yoga practice will improve a child's strength, balance, and flexibility.  Mindfulness will improve a child's executive functioning skills, cultivate inner peace, and increase self awareness. On paper these benefits sound wonderful... but to see your child experience these benefits (and more) first hand is truly a gift.